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Glad you have made your way to my new blog on the Battle of Kennesaw Mountain. My name is Dan Vermilya. I am a historian who works as a park ranger at Antietam National Battlefield and a history instructor at educationportal.com. During my time in the National Park Service, I have had the chance to work at the 1st Manassas 150th anniversary events in 2011, and this past year, I worked a full summer season as a park ranger at Gettysburg National Military Park for the 150th anniversary of the biggest and costliest battle ever fought in North America, the Battle of Gettysburg. In 2012, I was awarded the first annual Dr. Joseph L. Harsh Memorial Scholar Award, which funded research on the Army of the Potomac in the Maryland Campaign of 1862.

While much of my Civil War history work relates to the Eastern Theater, I like to say that I am an Eastern Theater historian by day and a Western Theater historian by night. I have written about and lectured on several Western Theater battles, including Stones River and the Atlanta Campaign. At John Carroll University, where I received my master’s degree, I wrote my master’s thesis on the Atlanta Campaign, focusing on the experiences and motivations of common soldiers in the Union ranks from the state of Ohio, my home state.

This spring, the History Press will be publishing my first book on the Battle of Kennesaw Mountain. It will be titled, appropriately enough, The Battle of Kennesaw Mountain. Kennesaw Mountain has long been an area of interest for me, and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to publish a book on the battle as a part of the History Press’s series on the Sesquicentennial of the American Civil War.

This blog is another forum for me to post about the battle and explore both Kennesaw Mountain and the Atlanta Campaign, one of the most important of the Civil War. Now that January 1, 2014 is here, we have officially entered the 150th anniversary of the Atlanta Campaign and the final full year of the Civil War. The Civil War Sesquicentennial has led to lots of memorable moments thus far at Shiloh, Antietam, and Gettysburg, and this year should be great as well.

Stay tuned to the blog for updates on the publication of my book, The Battle of Kennesaw Mountain, as well as posts and information on the Atlanta Campaign and the Battle of Kennesaw Mountain, fought 150 years ago this year.


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