Primary Sources

This page contains the published and unpublished primary sources which I consulted for The Battle of Kennesaw Mountain.

Unpublished Manuscripts

Western Reserve Historical Society, Cleveland, Ohio:

Albert A. Champlin Diary, in the Alfred Mewett Papers

Henry Harrison Cummings Papers

Francis A. Day Diary (microfilm)

William David Evans Papers

William Foster Correspondence

Joseph Gaskill Record Book and Diary

Gorgas Family Papers

William Grinnell Family Papers

Albert Gaillard Hart Papers

George H. Hildt Papers

Peter Hitchcock Papers, 1861-1865

George Hodges Letters

Henry Holcomb Papers

William J. Jordan Papers (microfilm)

Benjamin T. Jones Papers

Picket Latimer Family Papers

George D. Lockwood Family Papers

Jeremiah and Elizabeth T. Mansfield Papers

James McMahon Letters

Henry Augustus Mills Diary (microfilm)

James Nesbitt-Isaac P.C. Raub Family Papers

Regimental Papers of the Civil War

William W. Richardson Papers

E.G. Wood Family Papers


Atlanta History Center, Atlanta, Georgia:

Antebellum and Civil War Collection, Mss645

Folder 15, Diary of Jacob Andervount

Folder 18, Letter from 63rd Georgia, July 1, 1864

David Gilmer Watts Collection, Mss248


Manuscript, Archives, and Rare Books Library, Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia

Alexander Miller Ayers Papers, Collection No. 276


Library of Congress, Manuscripts Division, Washington, D.C.:

James Congleton Papers

Richard Massey Papers


Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park Library:


IL-1 Sgt. Major Lyman Widney, 34th Illinois

IL-9, Diary of Colonel Allen Fahnestock, 86th Illinois

IL-16, Diary of Pvt. James Japeth McCabe, 20th Illinois, Company D

IL-28, Captain Albert M. Tilton, 51st Illinois

IL-30, Austin Veeder Flint, 64th Illinois

IL-32, Andrew M. Potter, Co K, 74th Illinois

IL-29, Letters of Pvt. John Swanson, 105th Illinois

IN-1, Diary of member of Co D, 12th Indiana

IN-4, Diary of Captain John M. Carr, Company G, 100th Indiana

IN-5, William F. Keay, Co D, 17th Indiana

IN- 6, Elias Milford Alter, Co. B, 66th Indiana

IN-7, Private Benjamin Franklin Whittinghill, Co. I, 53rd Indiana

IN-10, Private Henry C. Green Diary, Co E, 87th Indiana

IN-13, Letters of Phillip Miller Benjamin, 9th Indiana

IN-15, Diary of Rev. George Washington Terry, Chaplain 97th Indiana

KY-1, Diary of Capt John Tuttle, 3rd Kentucky, Diary

KY-3, Surgeon Clairborne Walton, 21st KY

MI-3, Letters of W.S. Lewis, Co. F, 19th Michigan

NY-2, Diary of Sgt. L.R. Coy, Co K. 123rd NY

OH-1, Diary of Capt. Edward Spear, 15th OH Battery

OH-3, Diary Captain James Skelton, 27th Ohio

OH-4, Diary, William Kenett Armstrong, Co D, 52nd Ohio

OH-5, Diary of William P Fulton, 98th Ohio

OH-6, Letters of William P. Fulton and Winfield Scott Fulton, 98th Ohio

OH-7, Diary of Jacob Cox

OH-11, Lt. George Hurlbut letters, 14th Battery, OH Light Artillery

OH-13, Diary of Commissary Sergeant OM Scott, 121st Ohio

OH-22, Diary of Pvt. Jason Herd, 19th Ohio

OH-26, Diary of Henry Gilman Shedd, 97th Ohio

OH-27, Journal of 1st Lt. Robert Dilworth, Co I, 21st Ohio

OH-28, Diary of Col. O.L. Jackson, 63rd OVI

OH-29, June 24, 1864 letter from a member of the 3rd Ohio Battery

OH-32, David Blair Letters, 45th Ohio

OH-33, Captain Alivah Stone Skilton, Co I, 57th OVI, “Reminiscences of the Charge at Kennesaw”

OH-35, Letters of Pvt Bill Raff, 19th Ohio

WS-3, Diary of Private Alonzo Miller, 12th Wisconsin, Company A,


FL 1- A.J. Neal letters

AL-4, E.D. Willet Diary, 40th Alabama

AL-5, William McMillian letters

GA-4, Private Celathiel Helms letter, 63rd Georgia, Co E.

GA-10, Pvt. William O. Norrell letters, Co. B, 63rd GA

Ga-18, unnamed private in 40th GA, “Some Recollections of the Civil War, by a Private in the 40th GA Regiment, CSA”, pic 35, excerpt on Kennesaw Fighting

GA-20, Private Zachariah Armistead letters, 42nd Georgia

GA-21, Private Abraham Moses Colton letters, Co. H, 42nd GA

GA-22, Private William R. Hurst letters, Company G, 66th Georgia

LA-1-Diary of  Lt. W.L. Trask

MS-4-Lt. Col. Columbus Sykes letters, 43rd Mississippi

SC-1- Private Samuel McKittrick letters, 16th South Carolina

TN-1- Lt. R.W. Colville letter, 26th Tennessee

TN-3- Diary of Captain Robert Davis Smith

TN-4, James Iredell Hall, 9th Tennessee

TN-5, WJ Watson Diary, Co. E, 53rd TN

TN-6, William Crook letters, 13th Tennessee

TN-7, W.J. McDill letters, 9th Tennessee

TN-8, 48th Tennessee battle remembrances

Published Primary Sources

Adams, Robert N. “The Battle and Capture of Atlanta.” In The Atlanta Papers. Edited by Syndey C. Kerksis, 465-486. Dayton: Press of the Morningside Bookshop, 1980.

——— “Campaign for Atlanta.” In The Atlanta Papers. Edited by Syndey C. Kerksis, 199-212. Dayton: Press of the Morningside Bookshop, 1980.

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