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You can order your own copy of The Battle of Kennesaw Mountain through The History Press website at the link below!

The History Press–The Battle of Kennesaw Mountain

If you are interested in ordering on Amazon, where an ebook version is available for Kindle users, you can do so through the link below.

If you do order through Amazon, I would ask that you use a new feature called Amazon Smile. If you purchase a product on Amazon Smile, a small portion of the proceeds will be given to a charity of your choice. This can really add up over the course of the year. While ultimately the charity is up to you, I would ask that you consider supporting the Wounded Warrior Project to help those men and women who fight and sacrifice for our nation.

The link for the book on Amazon Smile can be found below:

Amazon Smile–The Battle of Kennesaw Mountain


If you would like to order a copy from Barnes and Noble, where an ebook version is available for Nook, you can do so at the link below:

Barnes and Noble–The Battle of Kennesaw Mountain


The Battle of Kennesaw Mountain


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James Garfield and the Civil War

While I haven’t published much on here over the last few months, it has been with good reason. I have been working on a new project over the last year and a half, one which is finally finished. Just last week, my second book was published, this one taking a look at the Civil War career of our 20th President, James Abram Garfield. Published by the History Press, James Garfield and the Civil War tells the story of how James Garfield served in the Union army during some of the most pivotal years in American history. I am glad to say it is now available!

Cover1 - Copy

If you would like to purchase a copy, you can do so through Amazon or Barnes and Noble. If you would like a personalized copy, send me a message through the Contact Me page (under the About Me header). While this book doesn’t deal with the Battle of Kennesaw Mountain, it does deal with one of the more interesting and overlooked figures of the Civil War in the West and the Army of the Cumberland. Garfield had left the army for Congress by the time of Kennesaw Mountain, but he had played an important role as the Chief of Staff for the Army of the Cumberland at Chickamauga just nine months before.

I hope you enjoy the book!


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