James Garfield and the Civil War

While I haven’t published much on here over the last few months, it has been with good reason. I have been working on a new project over the last year and a half, one which is finally finished. Just last week, my second book was published, this one taking a look at the Civil War career of our 20th President, James Abram Garfield. Published by the History Press, James Garfield and the Civil War tells the story of how James Garfield served in the Union army during some of the most pivotal years in American history. I am glad to say it is now available!

Cover1 - Copy

If you would like to purchase a copy, you can do so through Amazon or Barnes and Noble. If you would like a personalized copy, send me a message through the Contact Me page (under the About Me header). While this book doesn’t deal with the Battle of Kennesaw Mountain, it does deal with one of the more interesting and overlooked figures of the Civil War in the West and the Army of the Cumberland. Garfield had left the army for Congress by the time of Kennesaw Mountain, but he had played an important role as the Chief of Staff for the Army of the Cumberland at Chickamauga just nine months before.

I hope you enjoy the book!



The Kennesaw Mountain 150th: A Few Thoughts and Photos

As you may have noticed, I have been quite busy as of late. Not as much time for posting on here as I may have liked. I just returned from Georgia this past Monday. I was in Kennesaw, Georgia, for a total of six days. The first two days of my visit were simply meant for me to be able to spend time with my Uncle Jeff and Aunt Paula, as well as my cousin Annie and her husband Jonathan. By Thursday June 26th, however, it was time to get to work…


That day, I had two scheduled book talks. One in Athens, at the Athens-Clarke County Public Library at 1 pm, and the other at the Atlanta History Center at 8 pm. Aside from some issues with Atlanta rush hour traffic, the day went very smoothly. The crowd at the Atlanta History Center was incredible, and the line for signing books seemed to stretch forever. I got to meet Gordon Jones, the chief military historian and curator at the Atlanta History Center, and if ever there was a guy whose generosity and kindness matched his reputation as an outstanding historian, it would be Gordon. Meeting him was one of the highlights of my trip.

Me at the Atlanta History Center just before my evening lecture.

Me at the Atlanta History Center just before my evening lecture.

The Atlanta History Center had set up large signs directing visitors to the auditorium for my talk.

The Atlanta History Center had set up large signs directing visitors to the auditorium for my talk.


On Friday, I was the first author to speak at the Kennesaw Mountain Visitor Center, where I spoke on Dan McCook and Charles Harker at Kennesaw Mountain, describing how two young officers had faced fearful odds and made tremendous sacrifices for their nation 150 years before on that very day. After the lecture, I made my way out to Cheatham Hill, where I began leading ranger programs for the park. Being in uniform and talking with visitors at the famed Dead Angle 150 years after the battle was a tremendous honor.


Me in uniform in front of the Illinois Monument

Me in uniform in front of the Illinois Monument

My morning lecture at the Kennesaw Mountain Visitor Center on June 27th

My morning lecture at the Kennesaw Mountain Visitor Center on June 27th

My morning lecture at the Kennesaw Mountain Visitor Center on the morning of June 27th

My morning lecture at the Kennesaw Mountain Visitor Center on the morning of June 27th


On Saturday the 28th, I was again leading ranger programs at Cheatham Hill, before heading off to Marietta for another book talk and book signing, this time at the Marietta Museum of History. Another great crowd came out, and it was a successful fourth book lecture in a three day period of time.


On Sunday the 29th, I was at the battlefield all day, leading ranger programs at Cheatham Hill. Here are just a few of the photos, courtesy of the awesome NPS social media team and the Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park facebook page…


All in all, it was a great week in Georgia. I could never have expected it would go as well as it did. I will post more in the days to come. Just wanted to put a few pictures on the page this afternoon.

To all who I met in Georgia, thanks for your hospitality and your kindness. I will never forget this week and what a privilege it was to work alongside the outstanding staff at Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park and how awesome it was to meet so many who enjoyed the book.



Georgia News Network Interview

With the Kennesaw Mountain 150th coming up just around the corner, things are getting quite busy! I will be flying to Georgia next week to do several author talks and book signings (the times, places, and topics are listed under the “About Me” tab above and under the heading “Talks and Book Signings”, as well as to work for the NPS at Kennesaw Mountain National Battlfield Park for the official 150th events.

If you are in the Georgia area this weekend, tune in to “Georgia Focus” a radio show on the Georgia News network. This week’s edition, which will be airing either tomorrow, June 21, or Sunday, June 22, features a 30 minute phone interview with me that was taped a few weeks ago. I really enjoyed having the chance to chat with John Clark from the Georgia News Network, and he has provided me with a listing of all the stations in Georgia where the program will air, as well as the air time. So, if you are in Georgia or get any of these stations, please tune in to learn more about the book and the Battle of Kennesaw Mountain!!


Note: The listing indicates whether the program will air on Saturday June 21, or on Sunday June 22.


“Georgia Focus” Public Affairs Program Affiliates


Call Letters   Frequency   Market                       Local Air Time


WGEX-FM     97.3                Albany                       11:30pm/Sat

WOBB-FM     100.3              Albany                       7:30am//Sun

WJIZ-FM        96.3                Albany                       6:30am/Sun

WJYZ-AM      960                 Albany                       6:30am/Sun

WJAD-FM      103.5              Albany                       6:00am/Sun

WKAK-FM     104.5              Albany                       6:00am/Sun

WNUQ-FM    101.7              Albany                       6:00am/Sun

WQVE-FM     105.5              Albany                       6:00am/Sun

WEGC-FM     107.7              Albany                       6:00am/Sun

WALG-AM     1590               Albany                       6:00am/Sun

WGPC-AM    1450               Albany                       6:00am/Sun

WISK-FM       98.7                Americus                   5:30am/Sat

WDEC-FM     94.7                Americus                   5:30am/Sat               

WGAU-AM    1340               Athens                       5:30am/Sun

WGAU-FM     98.9                Athens                       5:30am/Sun

WNGC-FM    106.1              Athens                       6:30am/Sun

WXKT-FM      103.7              Athens                       6:30am/Sun

WGST-AM     640                 Atlanta                       7:00am/Sun

WWLG-FM    96.7                Atlanta                       7:00am/Sun

WWPW-FM   96.1                Atlanta                       6:00am/Sun

WUBL -FM     94.9                Atlanta                       5:00am/Sun

WRDA-FM     105.7              Atlanta                       7:00am/Sun

WKSP-FM     96.3                Augusta                     7:00am/Sat

WYNF-AM     1340               Augusta                     7:00am/Sun

WZNY-FM     102.3              Augusta                     8:00am/Sun

WBBQ-FM     104.3              Augusta                     7:00am/Sun

WEKL-FM      105.7              Augusta                     8:00am/Sun

WPRW-FM    107.7              Augusta                     11:00pm/Sun

WEZO-AM     1230               Augusta                     6:00am/Sun

WBAF -AM     1090               Barnesville                5:00pm/Sun

WFNS-AM     1350               Blackshear                6:00am/Sun

WKUB-FM     105.1              Blackshear                7:15am/Sun

WSFN -AM     790                 Brunswick                 6:00am/Sun

WSFN-FM     106.5              Brunswick                 6:00am/Sun

WYXC-AM     1270               Cartersville                8:30am/Sun

WCLA-AM     1470               Claxton                      8:30am/Sun

WCLA-FM     93.7                Claxton                      8:30am/Sun

WGHC-AM    1400               Clayton                      7:00am/Sun

WGHC-FM    100.3              Clayton                      7:00am/Sun

WRWH-AM   1350               Cleveland                  10:15pm/Sun

WDXQ-AM    1440               Cochran                    7:00am/Sun

WDXQ-FM     96.7                Cochran                    7:00am/Sun

WYPZ-FM     107.5              Cochran                    6:00am/Sun

WJJC-AM      1270               Commerce                 6:40am/Sun

WSSY-FM     98.3                Cordele                      6:00am/Sun

WCON-AM    1450               Cornelia                     8:00am/Mon

WCON-FM    107.7              Cornelia                     8:00am/Mon             

WBLJ-AM      1230               Dalton                         7:30am/Sun

WYYU-FM     104.5              Dalton                         730am/Sun

WMRZ-FM     98.1                Dawson                     6:30am/Sun

WDMG-FM    97.9                Douglas                     6:00am/Sun

WQZY-FM     95.9                Dublin                        5:30am/Sun

WMLT-AM     1330               Dublin                        6:00am/Sun

WQIL-AM       101.3              Dublin                       7:30pm/Sun

WSGC-AM    1400               Elberton                     7:00am/Sun

WSCG-FM     96.5                Elberton                     7:00am/Sun

WLJA-FM      101.1              Ellijay                         12 noon/Sat

WPGY-AM     1560               Ellijay                         12 noon/Sat

WPGY-FM     105.1              Ellijay                         12 noon/Sat

WRDO-FM    96.9                Fitzgerald                  6:00am/Sun

WBHB-AM     1240               Fitzgerald                  6:00am/Sun

WXKO-AM     1150               Ft. Valley                   8:00am/Sun

WXKO-AM     105.1              Ft. Valley                   8:00am/Sun

WDUN-AM    550                 Gainesville                12:05pm/Sun

WGGA-AM    1240               Gainesville                10:00am/Sun

WFXM-FM     107.1              Gordon                       6:00AM/Sun

WDDK-FM     103.9              Greensboro               5:30am/Sun

WKLY-AM     980                 Hartwell                     12:30pm/Sat

WQXZ-FM     103.5              Hawkinsville             6:00am/Sun

WHJD-AM     920                 Hazlehurst                6:00am/Sun

WHJD-FM     106.1              Hazlehurst                6:00am/Sun

WBTY-FM      98.7                Homerville                 12:05pm/Sat

WIFO-FM       105.5              Jesup                        5:30am/Sun

WLOP-AM     1370               Jesup                         5:30am/Sun 

WMGP-FM    98.1                LaGrange                  7:00am/Sat

WVCC-AM    720                 LaGrange                  8:00am/Sat

WTRP-AM     620                 LaGrange                  5:30am/Sun

WPEH-AM     1420               Louisville                   7:30pm/Sun

WPEH-FM     92.1                Louisville                   7:30pm/Sun

WBML-AM     900                 Macon                        8:00am/Sun

WQBZ-FM     106.3              Macon                        7:00am/Sun

WRBV-FM     101.7              Macon                        7:00am/Sun

WIBB-AM       1280               Macon                        7:00am/Sat

WIBB-FM       97.9                Macon                        7:30am/Sun

WPCH-FM     96.5                Macon                        7:00am/Sun

WPLA-AM     1670               Macon                        7:00am/Sun

WFDR-FM     94.5                Manchester               6:00am/Sun

WMVG-AM    1450               Milledgeville              7:00am/Sun

WMCG-FM    104.9              Milan                          7:00am/Sun

WHKN-FM     94.9                Millen                         9:00am/Sun

WBML-FM     105.9              Montezuma               8:00am/Sun

WALH-AM     1400               Mountain City           9:00am/Sun

WGTJ-AM      1330               Murrayville                9:05am/Fri    

WCOH-AM    1400               Newnan                     7:00am/Sat

WSGT-FM     107.1              Patterson                   7:00am/Sun

WPGA-FM     100.9              Perry                           6:00am/Sun

WSNT-FM     99.9                Sandersville              9:05am/Sun

WTKS-AM     1290               Savannah                 6:00am/Sun

WTKS-FM      97.7                Savannah                 6:00am/Sun

WAEV-FM     97.3                Savannah                 6:00am/Sun

WYKZ-FM     98.7                Savannah                 6:00am/Sun

WSEG-AM     1400               Savannah                 6:00am/Sun

WSEG-FM     104.3              Savannah                 6:00am/Sun

WZBX-FM     106.5              Statesboro                 10:00am/Sun

WZQZ-AM     1180               Summerville              6:00pm/Sat&Sun

WXRS-FM     100.5              Swainsboro               9:15am/Sun

WPAX-AM     1240               Thomasville              9:00am/Sun

WTUF-FM      106.3              Thomasville              9:00am/Sun

WGMY-FM    107.1              Thomasville              7:00am/Sun

WTWA-AM    1240               Thomson                   5:30am/Sat

WTHO-FM   101.7               Thomson                   6:30am/Sun

WTGA-AM     1590               Thomaston                6:00am/Sun

WTGA-FM     101.1              Thomaston                6:00am/Sun

WTIF-FM        107.5              Tifton                          8:00am/Sun

WFFM -FM     105.7              Tifton                          5:00am/Sun

WNEG-AM    630                 Toccoa                       6:00am/Sun

WNEG-FM     93.1                Toccoa                       6:00am/Sun

WVOP-AM     970                 Vidalia                        6:05&10:35am/Sun

WWUF-FM    97.7                Waycross                   7:15am/Sun

WRWR-AM   1350               Warner Robins         6:00am/Sat

WRWR-FM    95.5                Warner Robins         6:00am/Sun 

WDBN-FM     107.5              Wrightsville               6:30am/Sun 


Broadcast days & time subject to change without notice.



The Book is Here!!

Hey all! Very excited to announce that The Battle of Kennesaw Mountain is headed to a bookstore near you! It is now available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and through The History Press.



1976886_664255754696_81028864_nI turned 27 on Sunday, and had the first shipment of books delivered just in time for my birthday. Here I am holding the book with the Gettysburg battlefield behind me (just started by 2014 season with the park). When I was a kid I wanted to be a historian who worked at a Civil War battlefield and write books about the war. At 27, I can say that I have done both, having published my book on Kennesaw Mountain and working at Antietam and Gettysburg. God has blessed me beyond all my expectations.



Book Cover Revealed

Very proud to show you the cover of the book here for the first time!

The Battle of Kennesaw Mountain

The cover features a painting by noted artist Don Troiani, titled, “Thunder on Little Kennesaw”, depicting a Confederate artillery crew atop the peak of Little Kennesaw Mountain in the days leading up to the Union assault. I have always loved this print, and am thrilled it is on the cover of my book.

You can view the painting on Don Troiani’s website by clicking here.

The publication date for the book is early April, so in just a few short weeks, it will be on the shelves. If you are interested in pre-ordering a copy, visit the page titled “Buy the Book!” for more information.