Confederate Order of Battle

Army of Tennessee

Gen Joseph E. Johnston, Commanding

Lt. General William J. Hardee’s Corps

Major General Benjamin F. Cheatham’s Division

Brigadier General George Maney’s Tennessee Brigade

4th C.S.

1st and 27th Tennessee

6th and 9th Tennessee

41st Tennessee

50th Tennessee

Brigadier General Otho Strahl’s Tennessee Brigade

4th and 5th Tennessee

19th Tennessee

24th Tennessee

31st Tennessee

33rd Tennessee

Wright’s Tennessee Brigade–Col John Carter

8th Tennessee

16th Tennessee

28th Tennessee

38th Tennessee

51st and 52nd Tennessee

Brigadier General Alfred J. Vaughn’s Tennessee Brigade

11th Tennessee

12th and 47th Tennessee

29th Tennessee

13th and 154th Tennessee

Major General Patrick Cleburne’s Division

Brigadier General Lucius Polk’s Brigade

1st and 15th Arkansas

3rd Confederate

5th Confederate

2nd Tennessee

35th and 48th Tennessee

Brigadier General Daniel C. Govan’s Brigade

2nd and 24th Arkansas

5th and 13th Arkansas

6th and 7th Arkansas

8th and 19th Arkansas

Brigadier General Mark P. Lowrey’s Brigade

16th Alabama

33rd Alabama

45th Alabama

32nd Mississippi

45th Mississippi

Brigadier General Hiram B. Granbury’s Brigade

6th and 15th Texas

7th Texas

10th Texas

17th and 18th Texas

24th and 25th Texas

Major General William B. Bate’s Division

Brigadier General Thomas Benton Smith’s Brigade

37th Georgia

4th Georgia Sharpshooter

10th Tennessee

20th Tennessee

30th Tennessee

15th and 37th Tennessee

Brigadier General Joseph Horace Lewis’s Brigade

2nd Kentucky

4th Kentucky

5th Kentucky

6th Kentucky

9th Kentucky

Brigadier General Jesse J. Finley’s Brigade

1st and 3rd Florida Cavalry

1st and 4th Florida

6th Florida

7th Florida

Major General William H. T. Walker’s Division

Brigadier General Hugh W. Mercer’s Brigade

1st Georgia

54th Georgia

57th Georgia

63rd Georgia

Brigadier General States Rights Gist’s Brigade

8th Georgia Battalion

46th Georgia

16th South Carolina

24th South Carolina

Brigadier General John K. Jackson’s Brigade

47th Georgia

65th Georgia

1st Georgia Sharpshooters

2nd Georgia Sharpshooters

5th Mississippi

8th Mississippi

Brigadier General Clement H. Stevens’s Brigade

1st Georgia Confederate

25th Georgia

29th Georgia

30th Georgia

66th Georgia

Lieutenant General John Bell Hood’s Corps

Major General Thomas C. Hindman’s Division

Brigadier General Zachariah C. Deas’s Alabama Brigade; Col John G. Coltart

19th Alabama

22nd Alabama

25th Alabama

39th Alabama

50th Alabama

17th Alabama Sharpshooters

Brigadier General Arthur Middleton Manigault’s Brigade

24th Alabama

28th Alabama

34th Alabama

10th South Carolina

19th South Carolina

Walthall’s Mississippi Brigade–Col Samuel Benton

24th and 27th Mississippi

29th and 30th Mississippi

34th Mississippi

Brigadier General William F. Tucker’s Mississippi Brigade–Col Jacob H. Sharp

7th Mississippi

9th Mississippi

10th Mississippi

41st Mississippi

44th Mississippi

9th Mississippi Sharpshooters

Major General Carter L. Stevenson’s Division

Brigadier General John C. Brown’s Tennessee Brigade

3rd Tennessee

18th Tennessee

26th Tennessee

32nd Tennessee

45th and 23rd Tennessee

Brigadier General Alfred Cumming’s Georgia Brigade

34th Georgia

36th Georgia

39th Georgia

56th Georgia

2nd Georgia State Line (from June 15)

Reynold’s Brigade–Brigadier General Alexander W. Reynolds (w May 27)

58th North Carolina

60th North Carolina

54th Virginia

63rd Virginia

Brigadier General Edmund W. Pettus’s Alabama Brigade

20th Alabama

23rd Alabama

30th Alabama

31st Alabama

46th Alabama

Major General Alexander P. Stewart’s Division

Brigadier General Marcellus A. Stovall’s Georgia Brigade–Col Abda Johnson

40th Georgia

41st Georgia

42nd Georgia

43rd Georgia

52nd Georgia

1st Georgia State Line

Brigadier General Henry D. Clayton’s Alabama Brigade

18th Alabama

32nd and 58th Alabama

36th Alabama

38th Alabama

Brigadier General Randall L. Gibson’s Louisiana Brigade

14th Battalion Louisiana Sharpshooters

1st Louisiana

13th Louisiana

16th and 25th Louisiana

19th Louisiana

20th Louisiana

Brigadier General Alpheus Baker’s Brigade

37th Alabama

40th Alabama

42nd Alabama

54th Alabama

Lieutenant General Leonidas Polk’s Corps (k June 14)–Major General William W. Loring

Loring’s Division–Brigadier General Winfield S. Featherston

Featherston’s Mississippi Brigade

3rd Mississippi

22nd Mississippi

31st Mississippi

33rd Mississippi

40th Mississippi

1st Mississippi Sharpshooters

Brigadier General John Adams’s Mississippi Brigade

6th Mississippi

14th Mississippi

15th Mississippi

20th Mississippi

23rd Mississippi

43rd Mississippi

Brigadier General Thomas M. Scott’s Brigade

27th Alabama

35th Alabama

49th Alabama

55th Alabama

57th Alabama

12th Louisiana

Major General Samuel G. French’s Division

Brigadier General Matthew D. Ector’s Brigade

29th North Carolina

39th North Carolina

9th Texas: Col William Hugh Young (w)

10th Texas Cavalry

14th Texas Cavalry

32nd Texas Cavalry

Brigadier General Francis M. Cockrell’s Missouri Brigade

1st and 4th Missouri

2nd and 6th Missouri

3rd and 5th Missouri

1st and 3rd Missouri Cavalry

Sears’ Mississippi Brigade

Brigadier General Claudius W. Sears–Col William S. Barry

7th Mississippi Battalion

4th Mississippi

35th Mississippi

36th Mississippi

46th Mississippi

Major General Edward C. Walthall’s Division

Brigadier General Daniel H. Reynolds’s Arkansas Brigade

1st Arkansas Mounted Rifles (dismounted)

2nd Arkansas Mounted Rifles (dismounted)

4th Arkansas

9th Arkansas

25th Arkansas

Brigadier General James Cantey’s Brigade

17th Alabama

26th Alabama

37th Mississippi

Brigadier General William A. Quarles’s Brigade

1st Alabama

4th Louisiana

30th Louisiana

42nd Tennessee

46th and 55th Tennessee

48th Tennessee

49th Tennessee

53rd Tennessee

Artillery–Brigadier General Francis A. Shoup

Hardee’s Corps Artillery–Col Melancthon Smith

Hoxton’s Battalion–Maj Llewelyn Hoxton

Phelan’s Alabama Battery

Perry’s Florida Battery

Turner’s Mississippi Battery

Hotchkiss’ Battalion–Maj Thomas R. Hotchkiss

Goldwaite’s Alabama Battery

Key’s Arkansas Battery

Shannon’s Mississippi Battery

Martin’s Battalion–Maj Robert Martin

Howell’s Georgia Battery

Bledsoe’s Missouri Battery

Beauregard’s South Carolina Battery

Cobb’s Battalion–Maj Robert Cobb

Gracey’s Kentucky Battery

Slocomb’s Washington Louisiana Battery

Mebane’s Tennessee Battery

Palmer’s Battalion–Maj Joseph Palmer

Lumsden’s Alabama Battery

Anderson’s Georgia Battery

Havis’ Georgia Battery

Hood’s Corps Artillery–Col Robert F. Beckham

Courtney’s Battalion–Maj Alfred R. Courtney

Dent’s Alabama Battery

Garrity’s Alabama Battery

Douglas’ Texas Battery

Eldridge’s Battalion–Maj John W. Eldridge

Oliver’s Eufala Alabama Battery

Fenner’s Louisiana Battery

Stanford’s Mississippi Battery

Johnston’s Battalion–Maj John W. Johnston

Corput’s Cherokee Georgia Battery

Rowan’s Georgia Light Battery

Marshall’s Tennessee Battery

Williams’ Battalion–Lt. Col. Samuel C. Williams

Kolb’s Barbour Alabama Battery

Darden’s Jefferson Mississippi Battery

Jefress’ Virginia Battery

Polk’s Corps Artillery–Lt. Col. Samuel C. Williams

Myrick’s Battalion–Maj John D. Myrick

Bouanchaud’s Louisiana Battery

Cowan’s Mississippi Battery

Barry’s Lookout Tennessee Battery

Storrs’ Battalion–Maj George S. Storrs

Ward’s Alabama Battery

Hoskins’ Mississippi Battery

Guibor’s Missouri Battery

Preston’s Battalion–Maj William C. Preston

Tarrant’s Alabama Battery

Lovelace’s Selma Alabama Battery

Barrett’s Missouri Battery

Waddell’s Battalion–Maj James F. Waddell

Bellamy’s Alabama Battery

Emery’s Alabama Battery

Cavalry Corps–Major General Joseph Wheeler

Major General William T. Martin’s Division

Brigadier General William Wirt Allen’s Alabama Brigade

12th Alabama Battalion Cavalry

1st Alabama Cavalry

3rd Alabama Cavalry

4th Alabama Cavalry

7th Alabama Cavalry

51st Alabama Cavalry

Brigadier General Alfred Iverson, Jr.’s Brigade

1st Georgia Cavalry

2nd Georgia Cavalry

3rd Georgia Cavalry

4th Georgia Cavalry

6th Georgia Cavalry

Brigadier General John H. Kelly’s Division

Brigadier General Robert H. Anderson’s Brigade

3rd C.S. Cavalry

8th C.S. Cavalry

10th C.S. Cavalry

12th C.S. Cavalry

5th Georgia Cavalry

Col George G. Dibrell’s Tennessee Brigade

4th Tennessee Cavalry

8th Tennessee Cavalry

9th Tennessee Cavalry

10th Tennessee Cavalry

11th Tennessee Cavalry

Brigadier General John Stuart Williams’s Brigade

2nd Kentucky Battalion Cavalry

2nd Kentucky Cavalry

3rd Kentucky Cavalry

9th Kentucky Cavalry

Hamilton’s Tennessee Battalion Cavalry

Allison’s Tennessee Squadron

Col Moses W. Hannon’s Alabama Brigade

24th Alabama Battalion Cavalry

53rd Alabama Cavalry

Brigadier General William Y.C. Humes’s Division

Col Henry M. Ashby’s Tennessee Brigade

1st Tennessee Cavalry (formerly 6th Tennessee Cavalry)

2nd Tennessee Cavalry

5th Tennessee Cavalry

9th Tennessee Cavalry

Col Thomas H. Harrison’s Brigade

3rd Arkansas Cavalry

4th Tennessee Cavalry

8th Texas Cavalry

11th Texas Cavalry

Brigadier General William Hicks Jackson’s Division

Brigadier General Frank C. Armstrong’s Mississippi Brigade

1st Mississippi Cavalry

2nd Mississippi Cavalry

28th Mississippi Cavalry

Ballentine’s Mississippi Cavalry

Brigadier General Lawrence Sullivan Ross’s Texas Brigade

1st Texas Legion

3rd Texas Cavalry

6th Texas Cavalry

9th Texas Cavalry

Brigadier General Samuel W. Ferguson’s Brigade

2nd Alabama Cavalry

56th Alabama Cavalry

9th Mississippi Cavalry

11th Mississippi Cavalry

12th Mississippi Battalion Cavalry

Jackson’s Division Artillery–Capt John Waites

Croft’s Columbus Georgia Battery

King’s Missouri Battery

Waddell’s South Carolina Battery

Wheeler’s Horse Artillery–Lt. Col. Felix H. Robertson

Callaway’s Arkansas Battery

Davis’ Georgia Battery (1 section)

Huggin’s Tennessee Battery

Huwald’s Tennessee Battery

White’s Tennessee Battery


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