Army of the Cumberland

Army of the Cumberland– Major General George Henry Thomas

4th Corps–Major General Oliver O. Howard

First Division—Major General David S. Stanley

1st Brigade–Brigadier General Charles Cruft; Col Isaac M. Kirby

21st Illinois

38th Illinois

31st Indiana

81st Indiana

1st Kentucky

2nd Kentucky

90th Ohio

101st Ohio

2nd Brigade–Brigadier General Walter C. Whitaker

96th Illinois

115th Illinois

35th Indiana

84th Indiana

21st Kentucky

40th Ohio

51st Ohio

3rd Brigade–Col William Grose

59th Illinois

75th Illinois

80th Illinois

84th Illinois

9th Indiana

30th Indiana

36th Indiana

84th Indiana

77th Pennsylvania

Artillery–Cpt Peter Simonson (k June 16); Cpt Theodore Thomasson

5th Indiana Light Battery

Battery B, Pennsylvania Light

Second Division–Brigadier General John Newton

1st Brigade–Col Francis T. Sherman; Brigadier General Nathan Kimball

36th Illinois

73rd Illinois

88th Illinois

44th Indiana

28th Kentucky (until May 28)

2nd Missouri mustered our October 1,1864

15th Missouri

24th Wisconsin

2nd Brigade–Brigadier General George D. Wagner

100th Illinois

40th Indiana

57th Indiana

28th Kentucky (from May 28)

97th Ohio

3rd Brigade–BG Charles G. Harker (mw June 27); BG Luther P. Bradley

22nd Illinois

27th Illinois

42nd Illinois

51st Illinois

79th Illinois

3rd Kentucky

64th Ohio

125th Ohio

Artillery–Cpt Charles Aleshire; Cpt Wilbur Goodspeed

Battery M, 1st Illinois Light

Battery A, 1st Ohio Light

Third Division–Brigadier General Thomas J. Wood

1st Brigade–Brigadier General August Willich; Col William H. Gibson

25th Illinois

35th Illinois

89th Illinois

32nd Indiana

8th Kansas

15th Ohio

49th Ohio

124th Ohio

15th Wisconsin

2nd Brigade–Brigadier General William B. Hazen

59th Illinois

6th Indiana

5th Kentucky

6th Kentucky

23rd Kentucky

1st Ohio

6th Ohio

41st Ohio

71st Ohio

93rd Ohio

3rd Brigade–Brigadier General Samuel Beatty; Col Frederick Knefler

79th Indiana

86th Indiana

9th Kentucky

17th Kentucky

13th Ohio

19th Ohio

59th Ohio

Artillery–Capt Cullen Bradley

Bridges’ Illinois Light Battery

6th Ohio Light Battery

14th Corps–Major General John M. Palmer

First Division–Brigadier General Richard W. Johnson; Brigadier General John H. King

1st Brigade–Brigadier General William P. Carlin; Col Anson G. McCook

104th Illinois

42nd Indiana

88th Indiana

15th Kentucky

2nd Ohio

33rd Ohio

94th Ohio

10th Wisconsin

21st Wisconsin

2nd Brigade–Brigadier General John H. King; Col William

11th Michigan

15th U.S. Infantry (6 companies)

15th U.S. Infantry (9 companies)

16th U.S. Infantry (4 companies)

18th U.S. Infantry (8 companies)

18th U.S. Infantry (4 companies)

19th U.S. Infantry (5 companies)

3rd Brigade–Col Benjamin Scribner; Col Josiah Given

37th Indiana

38th Indiana

21st Ohio

74th Ohio

78th Pennsylvania

79th Pennsylvania

1st Wisconsin

Artillery–Capt Lucius Drury

1st Illinois Light Battery

Battery I, 1st Ohio

Second Division–Brigadier General Jefferson C. Davis

1st Brigade–Brigadier General James D. Morgan

10th Illinois

16th Illinois

60th Illinois

10th Michigan

14th Michigan

17th New York

2nd Brigade–Col John G. Mitchell

34th Illinois

78th Illinois

98th Ohio

108th Ohio

113th Ohio

121st Ohio

3rd Brigade–Col Daniel McCook, Jr. (mw); Col Oscar F. Harmon (k); Col Caleb J. Dilworth

85th Illinois

86th Illinois

110th Illinois

125th Illinois

22nd Indiana

52nd Ohio

Artillery–Capt Charles Barnett

2nd Illinois Light Battery

2nd Minnesota Battery (detachment)

5th Wisconsin Light Battery

20th Corps–Major General Joseph Hooker

First Division–Brigadier General Alpheus S. Williams

1st Brigade–Brigadier General Joseph F. Knipe

5th Connecticut

3rd Maryland (detachment)

123rd New York

141st New York

46th Pennsylvania

3rd Wisconsin

2nd Brigade–Brigadier General Thomas H. Ruger

27th Indiana

2nd Massachusetts

13th New Jersey

107th New York

150th New York

3rd Brigade–Col James S. Robinson

82nd Illinois

101st Illinois

45th New York

143rd New York

61st Ohio

82nd Ohio

31st Wisconsin (Transferred from Nashville, TN, on July 21, 1864.)

Artillery–Capt John D. Woodbury

Battery I, 1st New York Light

Battery M, 1st New York Light

Second Division–Brigadier General John W. Geary

1st Brigade–Col Charles Candy

5th Ohio

7th Ohio (Mustered out on July 11, 1864)

29th Ohio

66th Ohio

28th Pennsylvania

147th Pennsylvania

2nd Brigade–Col Adolphus Buschbeck; Col John T. Lockman

33rd New Jersey

119th New York

134th New York

154th New York

73rd Pennsylvania

109th Pennsylvania

3rd Brigade–Col David Ireland; Col George A. Cobham

60th New York

78th New York

102nd New York

137th New York

149th New York

29th Pennsylvania

111th Pennsylvania

Third Division–Major General Daniel Butterfield

1st Brigade–Brigadier General William T. Ward

102nd Illinois

105th Illinois

129th Illinois

70th Indiana

79th Ohio

2nd Brigade–Col John Coburn

33rd Indiana

85th Indiana

19th Michigan

22nd Wisconsin

3rd Brigade–Col James Wood

33rd Massachusetts

136th New York

55th Ohio

73rd Ohio

26th Wisconsin

Artillery–Capt Marco B. Gary

Battery I, 1st Michigan Light

Battery C, 1st Ohio Light




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