Army of the Ohio

Army of the Ohio–Major General John M. Schofield

23rd Corps

First Division–Brigadier General Alvin P. Hovey

(division disbanded June 9; units reassigned to Second and Third Divisions)

1st Brigade–Col Richard Barter

120th Indiana

124th Indiana

130th Indiana

99th Ohio

2nd Brigade–Col John McQuiston, Col Peter T. Swaine

123rd Indiana

129th Indiana


23rd Indiana Light Battery

24th Indiana Light Battery

Second Division–Brigadier General Henry M. Judah, Brigadier General Milo S. Hascall

1st Brigade–Brigadier General Nathaniel C. McLean, Brigadier General Joseph A. Cooper

80th Indiana (until June 8)

91st Indiana

13th Kentucky (until June 8)

25th Michigan

45th Ohio (June 8–22)

3rd Tennessee

6th Tennessee

2nd Brigade–Brigadier General Milo S. Hascall, Col John R. Bond, Col William E. Hobson

107th Illinois

80th Indiana (from June 8)

13th Kentucky (from June 8)

45th Ohio (May 11-June 8)

111th Ohio

118th Ohio

3rd Brigade–Col Silas A. Strickland

14th Kentucky

20th Kentucky

27th Kentucky

50th Ohio

Artillery–Capt Joseph C. Shields

22nd Indiana Light Battery

1st Michigan Light Battery

19th Ohio Light Battery

Third Division–Brigadier General Jacob D. Cox, Col James W. Reilly

1st Brigade–Col James W. Reilly, Maj James W. Gault

112th Illinois

16th Kentucky

24th Kentucky

100th Ohio

103rd Ohio

104th Ohio

5th Tennessee (until June 5)

8th Tennessee

63rd Indiana

65th Indiana

2nd Brigade–Brigadier General Mahlon D. Manson, Col John S. Hurt, Col John Casement, Col Daniel Cameron

65th Illinois

3rd Brigade–Brigadier General Nathaniel McLean, Col Robert K. Byrd, Col Israel Stiles

11th Kentucky

12th Kentucky

1st Tennessee

5th Tennessee

Dismounted Cavalry–Col Eugene Crittenden

16th Illinois Cavalry

12th Kentucky Cavalry

Artillery–Maj Henry W. Wells

15th Indiana Light Battery

Battery D, 1st Ohio Light



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