Army of the Tennessee

Army of the Tennessee– Major General James B. McPherson

15th Corps

Major General John A. Logan

First Division–Brigadier General Peter J. Osterhaus

1st Brigade–Brigadier General Charles R. Woods

26th Iowa

30th Iowa

27th Missouri

76th Ohio

2nd Brigade–Col James A. Williamson

4th Iowa

9th Iowa

25th Iowa

31st Iowa

3rd Brigade–Col Hugo Wangelin

3rd Missouri

12th Missouri

17th Missouri

29th Missouri

31st Missouri

32nd Missouri

Artillery–Maj Clemens Landgraeber

Battery F, 2nd Missouri Light

4th Ohio Light Battery

Second Division– Brigadier General Morgan L. Smith

1st Brigade–Brigadier General Giles A. Smith

55th Illinois

111th Illinois

116th Illinois

127th Illinois

6th Missouri

8th Missouri

57th Ohio

2nd Brigade–BG Joseph Lightburn

83rd Indiana

30th Ohio

37th Ohio

47th Ohio

53rd Ohio

54th Ohio

3rd Brigade–Col John Oliver

48th Illinois

99th Indiana

15th Michigan

70th Ohio

Artillery–Cpt Frances DeGress

Battery A, 1st Illinois Light

Battery B, 1st Illinois Light

Battery H, 1st Illinois Light

Fourth Division–Brigadier General William Harrow

1st Brigade–Col Reuben Williams

26th Illinois

90th Illinois

100th Illinois

12th Indiana

2nd Brigade–Col Charles C. Walcutt

40th Illinois

103rd Illinois

97th Indiana

6th Iowa

46th Ohio


16th Corps–Major General Grenville M. Dodge

Second Division–Brigadier General Thomas W. Sweeny

1st Brigade–Brigadier General Elliott W. Rice

52nd Illinois

2nd Iowa

7th Iowa

2nd Brigade–Col Patrick E. Burke (mw May 16)

Col Robert N. Adams

Col August Mersy

9th Illinois Mounted Infantry

12th Illinois

66th Illinois

81st Ohio

3rd Brigade–Col Moses M. Bane

7th Illinois

50th Illinois

57th Illinois

39th Iowa

Artillery–Capt Frederick Welker

1st Michigan Light Battery B

1st Missouri Light Battery H

1st Missouri Light Barry I (until May 22, 1864)


Fourth Division–Brigadier General James C. Veatch

1st Brigade–Brigadier General John W. Fuller

64th Illinois

18th Missouri

27th Ohio

39th Ohio

2nd Brigade–Brigadier General John W. Sprague

35th New Jersey

43rd Ohio

63rd Ohio

25th Wisconsin

3rd Brigade–Col William T. C. Grower

25th Indiana

17th New York

32nd Wisconsin

Artillery–Capt Jerome B. Burrows

Battery C, 1st Michigan Light

14th Ohio Light Battery

Battery F, 2nd U.S.


17th Corps–Major General Francis P. Blair, Jr.

Third Division–Brigadier General Mortimer D. Leggett

1st Brigade–Brigadier General Manning F. Force

20th Illinois

30th Illinois

31st Illinois

45th Illinois

12th Wisconsin

16th Wisconsin

1st Brigade–Col Robert K. Scott

20th Ohio

32nd Ohio

68th Ohio

78th Ohio

3rd Brigade–Col Adam G. Malloy

17th Wisconsin

Worden’s Battalion

Artillery–Capt William S. Williams

Battery D, 1st Illinois Light

Battery H, 1st Michigan Light

3rd Ohio Battery


Fourth Division–Brigadier General Walter Q. Gresham

1st Brigade–Col William L. Sanderson

32nd Illinois

23rd Indiana

53rd Indiana

3rd Iowa (3 companies)

12th Wisconsin

2nd Brigade–Col George C. Rogers

14th Illinois

15th Illinois

32nd Illinois

41st Illinois

53rd Illinois

3rd Brigade–Col William Hall

11th Iowa

13th Iowa

15th Iowa

16th Iowa

15th Ohio Light Battery

Artillery–Capt. Edward Spear

2nd Illinois Light Battery F

1st Minnesota Battery

1st Missouri Light Battery C

10th Ohio Light Battery



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