Union Cavalry

Cavalry Corps

Brigadier General Washington Elliott, Chief of Cavalry, Army of the Cumberland

First Division–Brigadier General Edward M. McCook

1st Brigade–Col Joseph B. Dorr

8th Iowa Cavalry

4th Kentucky Mounted Infantry

2nd Michigan Cavalry

1st Tennessee Cavalry

1st Wisconsin Cavalry

2nd Brigade–Col Oscar LaGrange; Ltc James Stewart; Ltc Horace Lamson

2nd Indiana Cavalry

4th Indiana Cavalry

3rd Brigade–Col Louis Watkins

4th Kentucky Cavalry

6th Kentucky Cavalry

7th Kentucky Cavalry

Artillery 18th Indiana Horse Artillery Battery

Second Division–Brigadier General Kenner Garrard

1st Brigade–Col Robert Minty

4th Michigan Cavalry

7th Pennsylvania Cavalry

4th U.S. Cavalry

2nd Brigade–Col Eli Long

1st Ohio Cavalry

3rd Ohio Cavalry

4th Ohio Cavalry

3rd Brigade–Col John T. Wilder

98th Illinois Mounted Infantry

123rd Illinois Mounted Infantry

17th Indiana Mounted Infantry

72nd Indiana Mounted Infantry

Artillery Chicago Board of Trade Battery

Third Division–Brigadier General Judson Kilpatrick; Col Eli Murray

1st Brigade–Lt. Col. Robert Klein

3rd Indiana Cavalry

5th Iowa Cavalry

2nd Brigade–Lt. Col. Charles Smith

8th Indiana Cavalry

2nd Kentucky Cavalry

10th Ohio Cavalry

3rd Brigade–Col Eli Murray; Col Smith Adkins

92nd Illinois Mounted Infantry

3rd Kentucky Cavalry

5th Kentucky Cavalry

Artillery 10th Wisconsin Battery

Stoneman’s Cavalry Division–Major General George Stoneman

1st Brigade–Col. Israel Garrard

9th Michigan

7th Ohio

6th Indiana

12th Kentucky

2nd Brigade–Col. James Biddle

16th Illinois

5th Indiana

3rd Brigade–Col. Horace Capron

14th Illinois

8th Michigan

McLaughlin’s Ohio Squadron

Independent Brigade–Col. Alexander Holeman

1st Kentucky

11th Kentucky

Artillery–24th Indiana Battery


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